Written work

This is a selection of my work from the past that I am particularly fond or proud of. Copyright on these works is probably owned by my employer at the time.

Governance & guidance

An Introduction to Government Use of SMS
SMS or texting has a high adoption rate in New Zealand. Some government agencies are using computer-to-mobile texting to deliver their services to New Zealanders in a direct way. SSC has prepared case studies from four different government agencies who have trialled SMS. This presentation will discuss lessons learnt. It provides a starting point for agencies considering SMS as a solution for service delivery or communication with their customers.
Read it in full in the e-initiatives wiki, or download the PDF (192KB)

Published articles

Getting nothing but static – the rise and fall and rise of Channel Z
“Throughout its seven-year history, Channel Z has been at the forefront of promoting Kiwi music into the mainstream and that is why it continues to survive. But maybe I’m getting a little ahead. Rewind the tape. Let’s go back to the beginning.” – Debate 2003

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