Tips for not being a dick on twitter

I’m currently coming up with some social media type advice for Community Central and since I just got to the twitter bit, I thought I’d share my bright ideas with you all. Because heaven knows there aren’t nearly enough people telling other people how to twitter, after all…

How not to be a dick on twitter

  1. Build up your posts before you start seeking an audience. People want to see what sort of things to expect if they start following you.
  2. Identify key stakeholder groups and start following them first. Try interacting with them by @ing them first. Don’t randomly follow everyone you can think of unless you’re actually at least vaguely interested in what they have to say, otherwise a) you’ll come across all spammy, and b) you’ll never have time to keep up.
  3. Try not to use your twitter as an RSS feed. If you think that your followers don’t use your RSS, (and you’ve already quoted my GOVIS presentation comparing RSS to a dog fetching the newspaper from your letter box for you, and have already pointed them to the great Common Craft video explaining RSS) try to add a little value to your post so people know what they’re getting into. As an example:
    • Bad: “”
    • Less bad: “A new blog post”
    • Better: “I express my thoughts on people sucking at twitter”
    • Best: “What do you reckon are the worst twitter crimes? My thoughts”
  4. Don’t start using Twitter unless you’re prepared to spend the time responding to people who respond to you. You don’t have to automatically follow everyone who follows you, but you do need to make sure you’re paying attention to things people say about you on there, and respond accordingly.
  5. Twitter is not the be all and end all of all channels. It reaches a specific group who use it a specific way. It isn’t a catch all for society. You need more ways of building your audience and getting your message across that you can use in addition to Twitter.

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