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Fast Food Nation – a review from a corporate comms point of view

In the process of moving house, I uncovered an essay I wrote for my Corporate Communications class as part of my Graduate Diploma for Public Relations Communication. We were charged with writing a book review of a book of our choice, but to do it from the perspective of some Corporate Comms theory. I went with Eric Schlosser’s Fast Food Nation, and how it relates to Triple-Bottom-Line-Reporting. Because I wrote it eight years ago, some of my sentences are overly long, and my hyphenationing is not all that swell. Nevertheless, I think my ideas are pretty sound, and you might enjoy reading it.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, I got 26/30 for it, along with these comments, along with some “Cynical!” written in the margins:

Joanna – a very bright and breezy journalistic review – most enjoyable and containing good thematic links to Corp Comm. Take care not to sound too flip which lessens impact – but that’s a small quibble. Some more use of textbook would have given it that “gravitas”.

I haven’t eaten McDonalds in over a year, and I don’t intend to start now, but as I was reading descriptions of ads in Fast Food Nation, I started craving a cheeseburger – even if it was going to be a cheeseburger made by poor iterant workers who are paid below minimum wage to put together substandard meat infected with faecal matter and e-coli that would result in the entire nation becoming obese as Eric Scholsser’s Fast Food Nation suggests.
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