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Fashion Week is coming to Wellington

For the first time, a Fashion Week is being held in Wellington, from 18-22 April.

Wellington Fashion Week explores the unique creations of the fashion industry and the many concepts that make Wellington’s fashion its own. Join us as we explore and experience the latest in fashion and as we take time to give our designers the accolades they deserve.

Tickets are available for some of the shows, and you can buy them online. Megan and I will be going to some of the events, along with Martha over at the Wellingtonista, and will report back to you. It appears that WFW will be as inclusive of plus size people who like clothes as every other fashion week ever, so I am looking forward to the makeup and the hair.

Let’s turn this whole town purple and orange!

So after the absolutely fantastically amazingly vicious bout between Smash Malice and Brutal Pageant on Saturday (Hadyn has a good write-up and pics of it), it’s time for the girls to voltronise themselves together to form Richter City (woo!) to take on Auckland’s Pirate City Rollers (boo hiss!). The match is on December 5, and you’ve got to be there. Along with making signs, we’re hoping y’all will join us in dressing in orange and purple to show your support. How rad would it be if the whole audience did it? Here’s what I’d be wearing, if someone else was paying:

So we’ll see you there, right?

What does the digital you look like?

You know I chose this picture of Anna for the leopard print. SMASH MALICE!

You know I chose this picture of Anna for the leopard print. SMASH MALICE!

Jezebel has a piece today on avatars which reminded me of a post that I’ve been wanting to write for ages but hadn’t figured out how to screencap. For those of you who play video games where you get to create your look, do you make yourself look as real as possible or go with the fantasy? For me, I’ve always tried to make my video character as much like me as possible – which meant choosing the sole female character in Streets of Rage back on the old Sega Master System, or playing Anna or Jun in Tekken. My mii on my wii is as round and tall as I can make her, and although I have friends whose miis are absolute copies of their faces, mine is the best I can make it. When I play Rockband with Amy, my avatar is as fat as she can get (not very) and I choose clothes that I’d probably wear. Admittedly, my avatar’s hair is a fiercer red than I can normally manage with my own, but still. And my Guitar Hero avatar has her curves bumped all the way up, which means I get mesmerised by her juicy round ass, even though my own butt is pretty flat. I’m sure there’s some psychology at play here about escapism versus umm oh I don’t know, some other concept, and there’s a lot to be said about the total lack of reality in video games (was anyone else incredibly disturbed by how the news about the shootings on the American army base yesterday featured a totally unnecessary 3D animation clip of the shooter bursting into a room and opening fire that looked just like a video game?) but for now, I’d just like to hear about how you play the games you play…