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An introduction to government use of SMS

On March 19, I did a presentation to the Govt Online Services Forum of the research that Lucy Weston-Taylor and I had completed over the summer, examining case studies of government use of SMS.

SMS or texting has a high adoption rate in New Zealand. Some government agencies are using computer-to-mobile texting to deliver their services to New Zealanders in a direct way. SSC has prepared case studies from four different government agencies who have trialled SMS. This presentation will discuss lessons learnt. It provides a starting point for agencies considering SMS as a solution for service delivery or communication with their customers.

If you didn’t catch it, you missed out! But luckily you can either listen to it on the Public Service Intranet, assuming you’re on a government IP, or check out my slides here. I’m very happy to talk about this in greater depth, although obviously I am no longer able to advise in an official capacity on it.