My predictions for 2010

Last week I was honoured to be asked to join the group of bloggers making predictions at the annual Bloggers Predict event held by UPNZ. They asked me to make predictions in the following areas:

  • Gadgets & Games
  • The Internet, Web 3.0…
  • Business & Technology
  • Wellington/NZ/the Universe (open slather)

If you check out the results of the twitter-poll done on the night it will appear that I won, but I think people voted for me after the fact, because in fact the wonderful Brenda was the winner of the tiara for the second year in a row. I had a blast though, and thoroughly enjoyed alienating myself from the room by telling them that they did not represent the population as a whole. If you’d like to see my predictions for 2010, you can view my slides on Slideshare (although I talk a lot more than I use words on the screen, which is as it should be), or watch the video of the event below:

So, do you reckon I’m right or wrong? What do you think will happen this year? And will I ever learn to present without fidgeting?

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