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Fashion Week is coming to Wellington

For the first time, a Fashion Week is being held in Wellington, from 18-22 April.

Wellington Fashion Week explores the unique creations of the fashion industry and the many concepts that make Wellington’s fashion its own. Join us as we explore and experience the latest in fashion and as we take time to give our designers the accolades they deserve.

Tickets are available for some of the shows, and you can buy them online. Megan and I will be going to some of the events, along with Martha over at the Wellingtonista, and will report back to you. It appears that WFW will be as inclusive of plus size people who like clothes as every other fashion week ever, so I am looking forward to the makeup and the hair.

Fast Food Nation – a review from a corporate comms point of view

In the process of moving house, I uncovered an essay I wrote for my Corporate Communications class as part of my Graduate Diploma for Public Relations Communication. We were charged with writing a book review of a book of our choice, but to do it from the perspective of some Corporate Comms theory. I went with Eric Schlosser’s Fast Food Nation, and how it relates to Triple-Bottom-Line-Reporting. Because I wrote it eight years ago, some of my sentences are overly long, and my hyphenationing is not all that swell. Nevertheless, I think my ideas are pretty sound, and you might enjoy reading it.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, I got 26/30 for it, along with these comments, along with some “Cynical!” written in the margins:

Joanna – a very bright and breezy journalistic review – most enjoyable and containing good thematic links to Corp Comm. Take care not to sound too flip which lessens impact – but that’s a small quibble. Some more use of textbook would have given it that “gravitas”.

I haven’t eaten McDonalds in over a year, and I don’t intend to start now, but as I was reading descriptions of ads in Fast Food Nation, I started craving a cheeseburger – even if it was going to be a cheeseburger made by poor iterant workers who are paid below minimum wage to put together substandard meat infected with faecal matter and e-coli that would result in the entire nation becoming obese as Eric Scholsser’s Fast Food Nation suggests.
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Let’s turn this whole town purple and orange!

So after the absolutely fantastically amazingly vicious bout between Smash Malice and Brutal Pageant on Saturday (Hadyn has a good write-up and pics of it), it’s time for the girls to voltronise themselves together to form Richter City (woo!) to take on Auckland’s Pirate City Rollers (boo hiss!). The match is on December 5, and you’ve got to be there. Along with making signs, we’re hoping y’all will join us in dressing in orange and purple to show your support. How rad would it be if the whole audience did it? Here’s what I’d be wearing, if someone else was paying:

So we’ll see you there, right?