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My name is Joanna. I consider myself to be an Internet native. I have a Bachelor of Communication Studies with a major in Multimedia, a Graduate Diploma in Public Relations Communication and I am currently underemployed.

I have plenty of things to occupy my time – editing The Wellingtonista, providing web support for the feminist zine Muse, helping to organise Girl Geek Dinners, contributing to Open Govt and writing my beauty blog Pretty Pretty Pretty, but unfortunately those things don’t really keep all the bills paid. I’m looking for a role that will pay me, utilise my skills and also challenge me.

My old business cards say “I like words. I really like words”. I want to work in a role that involves communication and the web, and I have the need to ensure that my job does some kind of good in the world. Luckily I live in Wellington, so public service is an option for me.

You can read more about my work history in my CV, or check out some of the things that I have written or presented about. I’d hope that my work speaks for itself, but you don’t just need to take my word for it, because other people have said good things about things I have done as well.

Joanna McLeod
021 212 7920

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